Wake Belgian beer up

New Year starts with a box of Belgian beers from an out-of-the-box beer project in Brussels, a gift from my friend Francois traveling 952 km from Brussels to Copenhagen just to keep the beers fresh. No more abbeys, no Trappists, two Belgian beer bastards are trying to “wake Belgian beer up, dust it, and get it out of the middle ages.”

I am not sure whether this beer can keep me away from Corona but will try to keep a certain level of alcohol in my blood during the Tet holiday:)
Thank you, Francois!

The Tale of Beers

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin

For me, beer is more than just an alcoholic drink. Beers have imprinted the best period in my life, which was my journey in the country of beers, Belgium.

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Nam’s speech at the first Belgian Beer Festival in Vietnam, 2014

Let me start by asking you guys some questions

Which country has the most individual beer brands in the world?

Which country has the best beer in the world?

Which country has the longest history of brewing in the world? The most types of beer in the world?

Which country has the strongest beer in the world?

Where is the bar with the largest number of beers in the world?

Which country is regarded as the “Beer Capital” of the world?

Which country has the biggest beer company in the world?

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Michael Jackson’s Great beers of Belgium

A couple of weeks after the first-ever Belgian beer festival in Hanoi, I was invited to a lunch buffet at the Ambassador’s villa. I was so happy to see Mr. Bruno Angelet again, his wife, and other friends. Especially, he made me so proud by giving me a certificate of appreciation and a world-famous book about Belgian beers “Michael Jackson’s great beers of Belgium”. It seems that my journey to discover the tale of Belgian beers will never end indeed although I have been back to Vietnam.