I am a PhD graduate from the University of Copenhagen’s TALENT Doctoral Fellowship Programme. My research focuses on the wildlife trade, consumer behaviour, economic valuation, and social marketing. I aim to advance and combine theories and methods from neoclassical and behavioral economics, social psychology, consumer research, theoretical modelling and simulation, and data science to create a transdisciplinary research foundation for studying consumer behaviours with environmental and public health implications.

I have more than 15 years working for UN agencies, international organizations, and research institutions in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Southeast Asian countries. In 2013, I co-founded Social Marketing Initiatives, a working group for social marketing researchers and practitioners in Asia. We conduct research and provide consultancy services for the development and implementation of behaviour change strategies, market research, consumer studies, and project evaluation. I am currently an expert with the Global Initiative Network of Experts (Dang Vu Hoai Nam | Global Initiative) and peer reviewer with Journal of Social Marketing, World Development, Biological Conservation, Tropical Conservation Science, Conservation and Society, Society and Animals.